Friday, February 26, 2016

Watch: The Theodosian Walls, a Reconstruction

The Land Walls, of which great parts survive, were built between 408 and 413 by the emperor Theodosios II. From the older Constantinian Walls only the Old golden Gate did still exist in the late byzantine time. The Land Walls consisted of a main wall, a lower front wall that was perhaps added only in 447, and a trench that was divided in sections and could be filled with water. A number of gates provided acces to the city, among which the Golden Gate is the most important one. The Land Walls were frequently restored, and they were never taken by a foreign power before 1453 when the Ottomans destroyed parts of it by their artillery.

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  1. I liked your video.
    I find it amazing that video gaming industry today gives such opportunities to visualise old history and learn about it.